dyna vlock 26 volt


dyna vlock 26 volt


Dynacore DHB-150wh 26 Volt High Performance Battery

With these 26 Volt batteries the highest quality of cells are sourced with the minimal difference between each cell and strict production to create the highest quality product. This ensures the batteries with greatest & safeest working performance and long operating life.

Internally these batteries employ extra bracing to isolate the cells from PCB, help prevent prevent damage from shock caused by dropping.
Thicker and wider nickel sheet is chosen to connect all of the cells to reduce the any voltage change and increase the heat dissipation, and then high strength welds connect all of cells.

Each housing is made from High strength ABS material for the highest quality of protection and durability. Narrow waist design helps you hold the battery steadily, offering a better grip in your hand.

Built-in USB output(5V, 2.1A) can fit to charge mobile phones, Ipad, etc